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What We Believe

At First International Films, we see the film and television business changing at lightening speed.

Innovation, creativity and technology are combining like never before to forge an exciting new frontier in storytelling.

We believe the art of storytelling is the magic that captivates and transports audiences around the world.

At First International Films, we are driven to create the perfect environment for your art and vision to thrive by providing A-List production services in new, innovative and cost-effective ways.

By combining our vast resources and experience in both Hungary and Hollywood, not to mention globally, First International Films is perfectly positioned to provide a full, complete suite of elite productions services.

Come make your art with us!

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What We Offer

Full Production service center with top-notch staff

Industry experts from the US, Hungary and many other countries are at your disposal to feel right at home. We speak your language in every sense of the word.

Stage Rental (Hollywood standard sound stages)

We are closely aligned to all major studios in Hungary that collectively provide over 20 sound stages, including one of the largest in the world with over 63,000 square feet usable space. Purpose-built campuses, state-of-the-art construction, soundproof, built-in lighting and scenic bridges, rigging points, climate control, direct access to production buildings, and much more.

Equipment Rental (camera, lighting, grip, trailers, transport, and picture vehicles)

We carry our own inventory, the studios have theirs, and we work with one of the largest equipment rental company in Europe. If you need it, we can get it.

Post Production services

We work with the very best in post-production that use Academy Award and Emmy Award recognized software from Hungary. Facilities boast editorial suites with Avid equipment, digital color grading, full VFX, up to 6k real time scanning, dedicated dailies systems, TrueLight certified cinema suites, data hosting and archiving, and much more.

Visual Effects

Top of the line talent and facilities that are able to provide cutting edge work in the field of animation and visual effects. 2D or 3D work and no strangers to big Hollywood productions.

Innovative Financial & Tax Rebate Strategy

We have legal experts of the film industry in Los Angeles and in Budapest. We can help you create the most optimized structure to take the most advantage of the generous tax rebates that Hungary provides.


Thanks to the huge variety in architecture, Budapest is known to stand in for dozens of cities around the world. Anything from ancient ruins and castles to grand ballrooms, cafes, tree-lined streets, and modern apartments. Major greenways and parks and open scenery. Back lots cover everything from medieval castles to New York City streets. But we go way beyond Hungary for the perfect shooting location. Our reach goes international to cover sought-after spots in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, and even Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.


We work with the largest film transportation services company in Hungary that offers the widest range of artist trailers and film production vehicles. Ready to support full unit and location services needs, including tents, heaters, cables, electrical, and generators.


Some studios offer 200-seat restaurants, permanent and guest chefs, and an ever-changing selection of meals from all corners of the world. American, International, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Greek, you name it. Gluten-free? No problem. Lactose-fee? No problem. Vegetarian? Why not. We serve highest quality café style desserts and coffee, too.

Concierge Connection

We understand service. Leave it to us to make your stay in Budapest unforgettable. Our white-glove service for A-List actors and staff will cover every bit of your needs on and off the set.

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How We Do It


One of our key advantages is that we provide world class, all-in-one, full-scale production services “without the middle man.” We pass the savings directly to you, with hands-on, tax rebate guidance.


We do this by bringing together services and studios under one umbrella. This allows us to offer a full-suite of production services with increased efficiency and ease of execution where you have the perfect setup to make magic with everything at your fingertips.


Our international team with main locations in Los Angeles and Budapest guarantees full attention to client needs and the highest customer service throughout pre-production, production and post production.


We help clients maximize the tax-rebate of the Hungarian government. One of the largest incentives in the industry up to 25% of budget and up to 31% of Hungarian production spend. VAT is reclaimable on all project-related goods and services that were purchased in Hungary.


We help with pre-financing up to 100% of the tax rebate via special conditions backed by Central Eastern Europe’s largest bank.

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Who We Are

General inquiries info@firstinternationalfilms.com


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